The case for a new Alan Wake game.


So, it appears that there is a pretty steady rumble around Remedy Games and their development of Quantum Break, the basic storyline and all I have seen so far are pretty awesome looking and the scope of the game is said to be fairly ambitious and the gameplay reveal earlier this year is pretty awesome. All of that is really awesome, and it sounds as if Remedy has a possible hit on their hands in the making. That is all fine and dandy, but now to the point of this post – Alan Wake was an awesome game, that had fair marketing at best, and was not pushed to the mainstream as well as it could have been. Even with the lack of focused marketing, advertising and slow word of mouth, the original version has sold over 2 million copies, and Alan Wakes American Nightmare has sold roughly a million copies. This shows that the game has some impressive chops at a basic level. The atmosphere of the game is probably about as creepy as any game since the first Silent Hill, this ratchets up the tension and makes the game have a built in sense of urgency. The storyline was fantastic, the difference in how the fighting style operates (with the cooperative use of the flashlight and weapons) makes most quick scope style players feel like fish out of water. Now, this is not a review of Alan Wake (although if you guys would like one in order to give ya’ll some insight, let me know), this is me making the case that it deserves a continuation of the storyline. Few games have had such a great combination of ambience, gameplay mechanics, lighting and a sheer sense of impending doom as Alan Wake. The storyline is moving, and tells of redemption, and an intrinsic understanding of evil and how it creeps into this world (at least in the game anyway). The characters are well developed, and there is even a shade of comedic relief with the interplay of Alan and his manager. The cliffhangers are an excellent way to segue through the story arc and situations, and they are placed in spots that feel natural to the flow of things. Remedy has created an excellent character, universe and storyline to bring to the world, and for some reason they seem to keep holding the development of a true sequel up. They keep teasing that the game will be done “When the time is right”, and that they wish to do the storyline justice… Ok, I will bite, what is wrong with setting it up for development after the release of Quantum Break? It is the perfect seam location for a return of a promising IP. Based upon what I see coming for Quantum Break and the push that will be forthcoming from Microsoft and Remedy, the company will ride this IP for the next year to a year and a half, and if they slate out 2-4 downloadable add-ons or special missions, then it could be extended to 2 years. That is enough time to build and prep for an Alan Wake continuation and even another add-on in the same format as American Nightmare. Remedy, it is time to stop being coy, and to bring Alan Wake back on a larger scale.  For lack of a better comparison, Alan Wake could be Remedys Silent Hill or Resident Evil. If you guys do the storyline justice, and push and coordinate the PR with the new version for the release, this game could sell at least twice the original rate. Selling 5+ million copies of a horror genre NOT named Resident Evil would be a major league follow up to the new IP that is Quantum Break. So, for any of you that have missed Alan Wake – shame on you, buy it now – and get your butt to playing.

One thing I have to add now is a bump for the Alan Wake soundtrack. It is, by far, one of the greatest soundtracks ever done – for a movie or especially for a game. Find info about the soundtrack here They even give our )or at the least, MY) beloved Roy Orbison some play time. Pay special attention to the songs by, Poets of the Fall, they alternate between smooth, heart rending and driving old school rock and their lyrics are so much more intelligent than 99% of the other music out there.



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