Guild Wars 2 reveal: The Heart of Thorns expansion pack


That’s right kiddies, a new expansion pack is about to drop for Guild Wars 2! It includes a new continuation of the storyline, a new huge zone, and a new class. Check the link for all the views and more info direct from GW2s site.

You all know that I am completely not biased about GW2, I mean it is probably the only game in my hopper history that can keep up with Oblivion, Diablo III and StarCraft in terms of total time in game. It has completely redefined the genre in several ways, with the consistent new content, the ability to offer longer replay and enough special events to make grinding for crafting materials fun. I am truly interested in seeing how the new class “Revenant” will pan out – it is reminiscent of the older “BattleMage” blue prints, but knowing the devgru at ArenaNet and GW2 HQ, it will be more complex than that. It sounds like the Revenant is going to be more of a point and destroy caster class instead of the normal glass cannon format.

The new PVE map area is the Maguuma Jungle, and by the reports I have seen, it will be huge in relative terms. There are a variety of maps in the game, and some are comparatively tiny, and some feel like you have been running for a month by the time you 4 corner the zone and start running down the points of interest and the waypoints. It should be interesting to see what sorts of viewpoints and the artwork of the new zone come out like – as most of the artwork and scenery at the viewpoints has been fantastic. Oh, uh…. did I mention the fact that there will be an ability to hang glide in the game with the expansion pack? Yeah, seriously, that is a part of it. There is also a new PVP game mode by the title of “Stronghold”, it adds the ability to acquire supplies to hire new soldiers, and storm the gates. The last new board, is the “borderlands” combat zone, featuring high altitude areas and some seriously steep drop-offs to make dancing swords even more interesting. There are traps that launch unsuspecting players, making the edges like the – side view mirror on your car – closer than they appear.

Now for the wifes favorite part of the expansion, Guild Halls are making a comeback! In the original Guild Wars, there was the ability for player to purchase an in game Guild Hall in order to store items, hire crafters, and hold guild meetings, as well as launch guild raids from a central point. Guild Halls are a part of the new expansion.

If you have not been playing Guild Wars 2 yet, I just don’t understand… Where World of Warcraft began much of the mainstreaming of MMORPG and others like Everquest helped to bring the genre more front and center, Guild Wars pushed the free to play model earlier than most of the large scale games, and has never strayed from it. Guild Wars 2 offers a fantastic product for just the cost of the game, the in game purchase system does not require “real”monies in order to have a fulfilling experience and having legendary items.

Now for my favorite catch of the reveal info on their site, it is in this picture:


See that sword? Do a little research on Prince Rurik, and what he carried. It was my favorite sword in the original Guild Wars, and if it is resurfacing in GW2, then I am going to be a crafting fool, or spending some gold…

If you are playing GW2, or get it after reading this, look me up, my main is Ëin Mandragoran. Send me a message and maybe we can get you some help leveling up, we may even take you on a raid when you get to a high enough level!



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