The “BanHammer”has returned!


Image credit to G4!
Image credit to G4!

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Bungie is polishing up and dusting off the “BanHammer” on “Destiny”. Do you have a modified console? Do you work hard to code things into your favorite games and make them more like you wish them to be? If so, and you have lived under a rock and haven’t jumped into Destiny yet, you may want to press pause and consult! Bungie has booted several players over the last week or so for using modified components or systems… Just a friendly reminder, if you mod, steer clear of Destiny, as Bungie may drop the “BanHammer” on you!

P.S. If you will notice the timing of this, it coincides with the release of “The Dark Below” (see the vid here ~—12112014-/en/News/News?aid=12465 ). One has to wonder if perhaps they have seen a spike in modding either on this game, or on this game since the release? Walk lightly gang!



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