Kickstart It! — Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Holy Medeival crusade, Batman!

While persuing the internets, I came across this absolutely beautiful game. THe thing about it is, it doesn’t really exist yet. Using the CryEngine, developer Warhorse Studios, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for what is being described as a historically accurate RPG. The game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, follows a displaced prince and his return to glory. As an open world, non-linear RPG, this game promises authenticity from the artwork (castles, clothing, etc.) to the hand-to-hand combat, and the scale should help that along just nicely.

They have set a goal of £300,000 or just about $500,000 US dollars. As with all campaigns on Kickstater, there are tiers of rewards for your support, but the biggest caveat is early access to the alpha and beta of the game, if the goal gets met. The way the head of the studio describes it is that this game needs to prove itself in order to get further funding from an investor, thus bringing us here.

via ~ Kotaku

Source ~ Kickstarter


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  1. Josh says:

    I love kingdoe come deliverance and the demo of it is raly interesting. I only found a demo thought from but whatever, I’ll try find another download link…Nice review!

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