The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Coming Soon

This is quite possibly the best solicitation for an online Beta registration ever! So good, it broke the servers in less than 2 hours when it went live. ESO is a new online universe, set in Tamriel… and all you guys that have played the console versions of the Elder Scrolls games know where that is, and what it looks like. You are also familiar with the character classes and races that are indigent to Tamriel. The storylines will focus on 3 separate factions fighting for supremacy (or at least survival) in a chaotic world beset by the minions of Molag Bal, a Daedric Prince from the plane of Oblivion. If you do not understand what I just said, then you should go purchase Öblivion” and “Skyrim” and play them for the next 450+ available hours (or call out sick from work for like 2 weeks with something along the lines of “Gamesplaysia” or “Norn flu”.

Nord King Jorunn
Nord King Jorunn

If this type of online MMORPG appeals to you, you can learn more about the universe, storyline and development here.

Make certain to sign up for the Beta if you are interested, I know I certainly did, and my wife even signed up for it on her computer! ESO is poised to make a huge dent in the WOW client base, as well as EverQuest 2, and maybe to a lesser extent Guild Wars 2. It remains to be seen if there will be a major impact on SWTOR, as their user rolls have actually increased since they moved to free to play. Many MMOs are quaking in their boots over the possibility of having to compete with even a basic MMO from Bethesda. I recommend you watch the video, register for the Beta, and seriously consider the game when it is released (oh yeah, there is no official release date as of this writing, although it is supposed to be released in 2013, and even won “most anticipated game of 2013″recently).



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  1. coreymj78 says:

    I’m definitely playing and signed up for BETA 3 days ago, but have no received anything yet. I keep checking my spam as well. Isn’t the BETA even supposed to start today? I haven’t heard anything and it seems quiet. Are people just not talking about it or has it been delayed? I wish I knew. I completely filled out the BETA sign up form so I hope I get an invite.

    1. amandragoran says:

      I am not certain of the start date at this time. I did receive an email confirming my enrollment/application, but no new one giving me the code to participate. You are right, the majority of the people that applied are silent. I have heard noone talking about getting in. They have a pretty tough non disclosure clause that may be keeping some folks quiet about it.

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