Batman and Wonder Woman Apparently Don’t Like Each Other (updated)

If you haven’t heard, the makers of Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm, are taking a stab, literally, at the DC Comics universe with their upcoming game Injustice: God’s Among Us. Today, the collector’s edition was announced and includes the following:

  • Collective figurine of Wonder Woman and Batman at each others throats
  • 3 Exclusive DLC skins for Batman, Superman , and Wonder Woman based on the DC Comic’s New 52 series
  • Two issues of a new DC Comics series
  • Two Steelbook cases for your new comics

From the trailer videos of this game, Injustice is shaping up to be a great game. Who knows, maybe the success this game will produce more DC movies somewhere down the line. The collector’s set will be available in April 2013. We can’t wait until then.

*Update – As of right now, the information above is only for the UK. When the we find out about a US release, we’ll be sure to update you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Don says:

    The UK version looks sooooooo much better than the US version. and the UK gets a steelbook while US gets shafted. What gives WB?

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